Who I am

I am a “grunge”  professional cyclist, that rides for the German Bora-Hansgrohe Team.
I have been trying to ride as a bad boy and in quite a nasty way  since 2009, I always give 110% when I am in a race. I spit my soul out and I never have regrets when cutting the finish line. To tell the truth, however, I have one regret: once I wanted to stop for a beer with some fans cheering along the Alpe d’Huez. I was cycling  my fifth Tour de France. I did not stop and I am still regretting it today.
Until today my greatest satisfactions were the two gold, and two silver, medals in the team time trial at the World Championship, and a podium in the Belgian classic of Harelbeke where I ended up just between Cancellara and Sagan.
However I really got pissed off, when I retired from the Paris-Roubaix in 2015, and when I finished fourth in the sprint in a stage of the Tour de France. I thought I would finish third and it really hurt!
The Tour of Flanders is my favorite race, I love punk music, pistachio, polenta served with rabbit, I try in vain to play the 4-strings Bass Guitar  and when I hear a Nirvana song or Queen of the Stone Age I can’t help a bad pogo with the first person, which happens to be next to me.
My favorite drink is ”Americano” and my threshold when I’m in a good shape is 445 watts at 177 beats. My weight is 78 kg around Easter time, 81kg during  Christmas holidays.
I have only one record, in a segment of strava, near Torbole sul Garda, where I live. I enjoy to train and I always try to push myself beyond my limits.
My motto is: big engine, big consumption. Therefore I eat a lot!
I am seeking the peace of mind and happiness.
I enjoy teamwork and entrepreneurship.
If you got intrigued  and you want to find out fancier things about me, then go on wikipedia
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What I do

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